Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby food

So lately Steve and I decided we wanted to save some money and start making our own baby food. It's actually really fun and kind of rewarding to make your own food, but in the end it is a whole lot of work and kind of disappointing if you work really hard to make a batch that your kid doesn't like. The latest one was carrots, chicken, and rice. I even thought it tasted good!! But Simon wouldn't eat it, I think it was one of two things: either it was too thick or lacking some bit of sweetness. When I mixed it with pear puree, he would eat it up, so next time I try it I will do it thinner.
Some recipes I have done that Simon has liked: avocados and egg yolks (from hard boiled eggs), zucchini with jalapeno cheese and spaghetti, zucchini with swiss cheese and whole wheat rotini, peaches (boiled and pureed), pears, and the carrot chicken and rice combo I talked about earlier. We have only been doing this for about two weeks, and I have had a few lazy days so we stocked up on the beechnut and gerber again for my lazy days. When I do make it I use our Oster stick blender that comes with a food processor attachment so I just put it in the food processor, blend it up, and then put in baby food jars that I saved from the store-bought stuff.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some things about Simon

I decided I have put enough blogs on my normal site, so I want to post on this one too. I noticed a common in thread all of my posts, they are all about breastfeeding pretty much, which before now has been a large majority of my time spent with Simon. I am still doing it, pumping at work and everything, but this boy is getting to a point where I cannot keep up with him anymore. He has been eating 20 oz a day at day care!! Not to mention what I feed him in the morning before I leave, and what he eats at home at night, this kid is incredible!! I said a couple sentences back that before now eating is what Simon and I spent a lot of time doing. But now he is getting to a point where we are getting to spend a lot of time playing together. My little boy is so much fun already. Yesterday he rolled over for the first time, so that was pretty exciting. Here are a few little things about Simon.
At his last doctor's appointment March 13th he weighed 14 lbs which is in about the 30th percentile. His height was in the 15th percentile. His head was in the 90th percentile! So I have a short semi-chubby man with a huge noggin!! But that's ok, I think the big head thing must run in the family because Leslie was asking me about Simon's size because Bryant's head is in the 97th percentile!! I think it just means they are really really smart babies and need bigger heads because they have bigger brains.
His right pupil dilates more than the left one, so I need to make an appointment and go see an opthamologist about it. It's called unequal pupil size, it is probably nothing, but we are going to make an appointment just to make sure. Our doctor said it's more important that his pupil's constrict and his do that just fine. You can really notice it in the following pictures where he has one freaky red eye and the other eye is not nearly as big. I have noticed this for a while, and finally remembered to ask the doctor about it last week, she hadn't even noticed. (If you click on the pictures they will be bigger and then you can really see the difference in pupil sizes.)

Simon loves food! He doesn't really eat baby food yet, though we are starting him on rice cereal now. But he has an intense fascination with whatever I am eating, he doesn't seem to care as much about what Steve is eating, just my food. Today Steve and Simon came to have lunch with me and Simon kept grabbing my food and then he grabbed the to-go box and was shaking it all over the place so I couldn't even get my food. The other day I was eating yogurt and he kept trying to grab the spoon out of my hand so a few times I let him have it and he took it and put it in his mouth, and another time he hit himself in the face with the handle. It was really cute. Sometimes if I am eating soft mushy liquidy food I will give him a little taste. He really seems to like yogurt, but I don't think he should be eating it yet.
He loves putting anything he can find in his mouth, especially his toys like his giraffe and his monkey. He eats hangers, spoons, mom's necklace, mom's hair, mom's face, anything really. I just love, he does the most adorable things.
He has been super duper cuddly since he had the flu last week.
When he isn't smiling he is either asleep, or you can't tell because his hands are in his mouth. He is just a super happy smiling baby, I love it.
We have been co-sleeping with him which seemed like a great idea, and was very good for me as far as being able to sleep at night and not get interrupted too much by feedings, but now that he isn't waking as much as night I am starting to try to get him to sleep in his bassinet. It's really hard, I think he doesn't like it because he loves his mommy and loves sleeping with her. The bassinet thing is hard, but I am slowly working on it, starting with naps and hopefully we can get him to sleep in there through the night soon. I think he likes the comfort of having someone near and being able to hear my heartbeat.
His favorite radio station is 105.7, a classic rock station, he LOVES classic rock!
His favorite game is peek-a-boo.
Flying/getting tossed in the air makes him laugh.