Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cloth vs. Disposable

So one of the shower gifts I got that I am really grateful for is diaper service for a week. Yesterday the lady from Poops-A-Daisies came by to drop off the diapers. So far, I am unimpressed by cloth diapers. If Simon pees more than one time in them he will soak through the diaper and the plastic liner and onto his clothes. Yesterday he went through either 3 or 4 outfits. THe diaper lady left us 4 of the waterproof liners, and we went through three of them yesterday and had them out of commission while we waited for them to dry because we had to wash them. The service costs $80 month if you sign up for 6 months, or $100 month if you do a month-to-month contract. Not too bad to have someone drop off diapers at your house and then pick them up. We don't even have to rinse the poop off them or anything, just toss them in the diaper pail and put them out every Thursday night and Monday night. Last night, we put Simon in a disposable diaper while he slept or we probably would have had to get up about 4 times to change him during the night either that or have a very irritated cold baby sleeping in his pee. So as far as cost, it isn't really that expensive, until you add in the cost of having to buy the plastic pants and stuff. I think this is more one of those things where I would rather pay for the convenience of using disposable diapers that lock in the wetness than use the cloth ones. My mom changed Simon half an hour ago and just now had to change him again because he was very fussy, and had peed, and it almost leaked through. So yeah, its more a matter of convenience vs. feeling good because you aren't using disposable diapers that clog up landfills. I personally am fine with filling up the landfills, because it means my baby isn't crying as much and going through a bunch of outfits a day.
* I am very grateful for the diaper service though, because if Steve and I had a washer and dryer at our house, I was going to consider going with the cloth diapers, and now I know what works best for me. And it is kinda cool to be using cloth diapers and being environmentally friendly and all that stuff.
Do any of you use cloth diapers? If so, do you have any little tricks for making them work better? I tried putting a second diaper folded up inside the first one, and the first time Simon peed it soaked right through and half an hour later Steve was changing it.


Leserlee said...

Sounds like you are surrounded by leaks of all kinds. I was telling Mom that it was probably about $50 a month for diapers, but then I realized we are only on our second box of diapers, and Bryant is almost three months old. So really it is closer to $30 a month, as long as you buy them at Sam's Club.

Kaycei said...

Wow. Disposable diapers, and the diaper service are both cheaper than I expected. That's eating out one a month moderately nicely, or Red Lobster with drinks.

Nikki said... could not PAY me to put my baby in cloth diapers. Newborn poops aren't too bad, but just wait til he's 5 months old and poop SOAKS through a disposable and through the double layered onesies. They would be covered in poop! lol. I do use cloth diapers as burp rags! They are the best for absorbing throw-up, not so much as newborns, but when they get older it's good. Sounds like you'rr adjusting well!

dacjohns said...

Yes, the cloth diapers weren't real successful. But just think of how many disposables we saved during the week. Chink, chink!
You sure can't let Simon wear it for two wettings without it leaking through. All we did was change diapers (and feed him). LOL