Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby food

So lately Steve and I decided we wanted to save some money and start making our own baby food. It's actually really fun and kind of rewarding to make your own food, but in the end it is a whole lot of work and kind of disappointing if you work really hard to make a batch that your kid doesn't like. The latest one was carrots, chicken, and rice. I even thought it tasted good!! But Simon wouldn't eat it, I think it was one of two things: either it was too thick or lacking some bit of sweetness. When I mixed it with pear puree, he would eat it up, so next time I try it I will do it thinner.
Some recipes I have done that Simon has liked: avocados and egg yolks (from hard boiled eggs), zucchini with jalapeno cheese and spaghetti, zucchini with swiss cheese and whole wheat rotini, peaches (boiled and pureed), pears, and the carrot chicken and rice combo I talked about earlier. We have only been doing this for about two weeks, and I have had a few lazy days so we stocked up on the beechnut and gerber again for my lazy days. When I do make it I use our Oster stick blender that comes with a food processor attachment so I just put it in the food processor, blend it up, and then put in baby food jars that I saved from the store-bought stuff.


Leserlee said...

Way to go! I'm glad you found something to use to make your own food. Bryant just eats table food now. And I never sent you that food grinder. I suck.

dacjohns said...

Go going Kari. Glad he likes it. It is disappointing when you make something and they don't like it. Is he getting any taller?

Kaycei said...

Your kid is eat gourmet. Dang.
Cool stuff. When I reach that point I'll be asking you for recipes.

Joel and Arielle said...

I've already started making baby food for Emmalee even though she won't be able to have it for a little while. My mother-in-law got me a Kidco baby food puree thinger so I made peaches for her. I just pureed some while I was canning peaches and then froze them in a ice cube tray and dumped them into a freezer bag once they were frozen completely. I think I read that each cube is about an ounce? Anyways, I'm excited to try them with her. We won't be able to use much of the store bought stuff because of all of her allergies.