Thursday, October 21, 2010


I was talking to my SIL Mel today, and I told her that after almost 2 years, I finally feel like we have some sort of a routine and our day-to-day life has become somewhat predictable. It is quite nice. I feel like I get to spend enough quality time with Simon everyday, I make dinner most nights, get Simon into bed by 9 now (or earlier some nights!) instead of 10 or later, and even have time for myself. I still need work on spending enough quality time with Steve, but this past week we have been playing lots of Halo together, and that has been really fun. But most nights I do something for myself while he is studying and then we crawl (or I get carried) into bed exhausted. I have even been doing pretty good at keeping the house clean. The kitchen gets cleaned about 3 times a week, the living room 2 times a week, and upstairs... well does that really count as part of the house? We pretty much just go up there to sleep anyways. and laundry... well that gets done about once a week-and by done I mean we wash it all normally once a week or whenever we are out of whites or scrubs and then it goes into a huge tote in our bedroom.
I feel like things are finally under control around here, life doesn't seem as hectic, and I feel like I get a lot of good quality time out of the 3 hours a night I get to spend with my son. I really enjoy being a mom, and I can't wait until I get to be a stay at home mom.


Leserlee said...

WaHoooooo!!! Finally, a routine. And Simon getting into bed early. *Applause* Oh, and only the bathroom counts as part of the house. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

dacjohns said...

I am glad you have a routine finally. It can make a big difference. You do get a lot more done. And is does save time. Each day you already know what needs to be accomplished. You don't have to spend time each day trying to decide what you should or want to do. It has already been decided.I always thought that quality time is better than quantity. :)