Saturday, February 12, 2011

Potty Training- Day 1

So I finally decided it is time to start potty training Simon, we have kinda done the letting him go on the potty/trying to get him to go on the potty thing, but I decided it's time to do it for real. I kind of judge things by when my sis does them with her son because he is just a couple months older than Simon, and since B did potty training around Christmas, well, now it's a couple months later so it's about time for us to do it too! Plus, I am only working part-time now (which I love by the way- more on that in a seperate post if you are lucky) so I actually have one-on-one time with my son where I can be the one doing the training, otherwise I would have had to say, yeah I am gonna do this, and then make my daycare do it (which is Steve's mom, and that's just not fair to do). So we started yesterday. Basically, we just try to get him to drink tons of liquids, have him running around in underwear and a shirt, and whenever he starts to go to the bathroom tell him no gross, yucky, etc., and run him to the bathroom. We also added in a sticker chart for some extra incentive which he is digging. He gets a little sticker for pee and a big sticker for poop. Last night before he went to bed he was kind of telling us if he had to go, and today he has told us a little more than half the time already, but by the time he realizes it he is already starting to pee. I think he is getting it pretty fast though, it's supposed to work in three days. We have tarps covering the living room floor right now to protect our already-needing-to-be-shampooed carpets. We are "cheating" at night and putting him in pull-ups because he normally ends up in bed with us halfway through the night and I definitely don't want to deal with that (pee) in my bed. So anyways, so far it is going good, and I hope he gets it, I am nervous to send him to daycare on Wednesday because I don't want him to pee all over Cindy's carpet, so I am thinking about doing pull-ups for daycare too. Wish us luck! I'll update and let you know how it goes. It definitely takes a lot of vigilance, you can't be doing anything else except watching the kid and making sure their underwear are dry and praising them when they are.


Leserlee said...

I think by Wednesday he should have it down, especially if things are going well right now. Just make sure he wears thick pants and socks to Cindy's on Wednesday and Thursday, and pack a few changes of clothes and undies, just in case. Also, make sure when you do take him out of the house that he knows he still needs to use the potty and talk about how places have potties and he can use them if he needs to because it's yucky to go potty in his underwear. It would be even better if you can get him to use the potty at Cindy's at least once before leaving him on Wednesday. One thing I didn't anticipate with Bryant (because Abigail didn't have a problem with this) is that Bryant doesn't like to use any potty unless it has a potty seat on it, so he throws a huge fit and cries and screams any time I try to put him on a public toilet. Oh, and I put a wad of toilet paper between his legs, in front of his penis on public toilets because otherwise the pee sprays out of the toilet and all over his pants. And sometimes me. So yeah. I hope it continues to go well. Love you!

Kari and Steve said...

lol. One of his potty seats is small enough that I can put it in his diaper bag (in a walmart bag) so as long as I don't forget it, we are good. When we were out shopping a coupld weeks ago he told me he wanted to go potty, so we ran to the bathroom, took off his diaper, covered the seat with the papers he sat on the potty, grunted, and then was done. lol. hopefully public won't be a problem but at first I may use pullups when we go out.

dacjohns said...

I like your new post. Glad the potty training is going good. Hopefully he doesn't have too many accidents after he is trained.