Tuesday, August 2, 2011

potty training... again

I never mentioned before that potty training didn't work last time. Simon started to get really obstinate and had a lot of accidents and would scream anytime we tried to get him to go, so we switched back to diapers. I was actually OK with the switch back because he was having such a hard time with it and not doing very good, plus we had a lot of trips planned with a lot of airplanes, airports, and long car rides, and honestly I didn't want to have to deal with potty training on these trips. Especially since it was just him and I on all the trips and we were flying standby so we had to carry on all of our stuff- not the easiest to maneuver around the airport with and in and out of bathrooms with teeny tiny stalls.

Well, a week ago Simon and I were hanging out in the living room and he pulled off his diaper and said he wanted to go potty. So he pulled it off, ran into the bathroom and went to the bathroom on his little "Simon seat." Since then he wears underwear about half the day and diapers the other half. By the evening he starts having a lot of accidents, not sure why, maybe because Steve is awake and Simon no longer has my undivided attention? Right now I am not pressing the issue with him too much. He sleeps in diapers and when he wakes up and I take his first diaper off I let him he choose if he wants another diaper or underwear, he normally picks underwear. He will also go into the bathroom by himself, take off his underwear, go to the bathroom, empty his seat into the real toilet and flush it down, he is doing good!

We are just going to take it easy this time, and let him make the decisions instead of trying to force it. Wish us luck! Hopefully he will be totally out of diapers before the baby arrives, and hopefully he doesn't go back to diapers because the baby comes.


Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

GO SIMON, GO! I hope it goes well this time! Good luck!

dacjohns said...

I hope he likes the underwear and not want to be in the stinky diapers. Two in diaper would not be fun. Good luck.