Friday, December 12, 2008

Another new post today! Some of MY milestones

Some things I feel I have accomplished in the past few days:
On Sunday I discovered I can fold laundry with both hands while breastfeeding.
Today I learned I can wash dishes with one hand.
Getting dressed with one hand, and holding the baby with the other.
The other day I actually went to the bathroom while holding him, it was a little difficult when it was time to pull up my underwear and pants, ever try to do that? It's not really easy with one hand, it's like one side goes up, then the other one, and you kinda have to shimmy them up.
Figuring out how the heck that sling works and successfully carrying Simon in it.

And Some new discoveries:
Simon can pee ridiculous amounts! This morning while I was changing him peed while the diaper was off, no big deal, getting pretty used it. So I responded like I normally do: I screamed, frantically looked around for something to block the pee with and then waited a second and got back to cleaning him off, he barely got the onesie with it, not bad. Then he did it again, I screamed again, laughed because he was spraying his onesie and then got his face, once again removed the towel and continued cleaning off the poop. Then he did it again!!! I grabbed the towel, sighed and dried off the dresser. Each time he managed to shoot a completely different direction. Oh, and when I was getting him ready for his bath a little later, I had him all wrapped up in a towel and was carrying him from the bathroom to the kitchen when my shirt suddenly became very warm. Yep... he peed on me.

I have been warned about leaking and spraying boobs when breastfeeding, and until today had only experienced the leaking end of it. But when I was feeding Simon this afternoon he spit my nipple out to take a break and I looked down and the milk was spraying out of me all over the place, so of course I panicked and didn't know what to do so I quickly stuck my boob back into his mouth. That was a fun new one for me! Normally they just leak a lot and I have to hold the spit rag over my boob until he is ready to eat again and in the meantime the whole rag ends up saturated in milk!


dacjohns said...

It sounds like you had a very wet day. What fun! The joys of motherhood. :) It only gets better. :)

Leserlee said...

Oh Kari, you literally had me laughing out loud. It was great. Hopefully the peeing thing gets better. Bryant hasn't peed while being changed in a long time. He still does occassionally pee in the tub though. And peeing while holding the kid, that's always a fun one. That's what the sling is for, then you have both hands free silly girl. Love you!

rockpileinperris said...

The very first night I had your Papa home from the hospital I got a shower! That was the last time! I learned real quickly to have a diaper ready! :-)