Friday, December 12, 2008

Mister Fussy Butt

Not really, but sometimes it sure does feel like it. Simon hates to be alone, and he hates not being held. Yesterday I had him propped up on the couch so he could watch me while I was doing stuff, and the second I walked out of the room he started screaming. The past few days he has been extremely fussy. I don't know what his deal is. I am praying that it is just being gassy and that it has been caused by all of the triple ginger snaps I have been eating, and am going to cut out of my diet today to see if it helps. I went and bought a sling a couple of days ago and wore him around in it yesterday. He screamed as I was getting him in it, but as soon as he got settled he fell asleep and stayed that way for a couple hours. I was able to have him in it while I got some things done around the house.
Bedtime last night was particularly bad. I had fed Simon out in the living room and then went into the bedroom to change his diaper and go to bed, Steve was in bed asleep. As soon as we walk into the bedroom he starts screaming, soI took him into the bathroom to soothe him, he calms down, so we go back into the bedroom and I put him on the changing table to change his diaper and he just started screaming and would not be soothed. After what felt like an eternity I got him to calm down a little bit but not entirely, and managed to hold him while I changed into my pjs with just minimal fussing. We hopped into bed and after bouncing him up and down a lot he calmed down but was still wide awake, so I kept him with me and fell asleep.
It is now several hours after I started writing this blog and today has gone by much better and included many naps for Simon which is pretty unusual. I hoping it was a combination of the ginger snaps and maybe he just doesn't sleep enough and that makes him cranky. He usually doesn't sleep very much throughout the day which I think is unusual for newborns, I know his cousin is almost always asleep and rarely awake, and Simon is the opposite. I shouldn't complain too much though, during the night he goes to bed at midnight wakes up around 3 or 4 and again at like 7 or 8, so he sleeps really well at night. I think I am going need to invest in a bouncy seat though, whenever he is fussy the fastest way to calm him down is by bouncing him, so maybe a bouncy seat is the thing I need to be able to get things done during the day.
Anyways, I am very glad to report today has gone better in the fussing department, he has been pretty good, and his fussing is normally about two hours after his last meal so today fussing has just meant "feed me" instead of the stuff from yesterday where he was just unsoothable. Also, yesterday we started a little thing Steve's mom told us to try when he is fussy. If he has eaten, has a clean diaper, and still won't be soothed put him down for 10 minutes, let him cry, and then pick him up and calm down for 2 minutes. Didn't work so well last night, or maybe it did since he has been good today? Who knows, but if anyone has any suggestions on calming a baby down let me know, I am open for advice, and it doesn't mean I have to take it, but there are some times where I think to myself when he is crying that I will try anything!!

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Leserlee said...

Usually when Bryant is fussy, which I told you already, it's because he is hungry, sleepy, or dirty. But he also fussy after some tummy time, which I have attributed to boredom and being uncomfortable. When that happens, switching scenery seems to help, be it hold him on my legs and talking to him, sticking him in the bouncy seat, or putting him in the swing. Like I said on the phone, I'm not big on holding my kids, I don't know why, maybe because it's hard to do anything, or my arms get tired, or it makes my back hurt, I don't know, but I do try to talk to them and smile at them, and let them know that I love them. I've been blessed with pretty good kids, so I haven't had to deal with unreasonable fussiness, thank goodness. If you think it's gas, try Little Tummies, or Mylicon after feeding him. And good luck. Call me anytime if you need a listening ear. I love you! P.S. If it's during the day time, call the house phone, that way I can have you on speaker phone. It's the 542-**** number.