Monday, December 8, 2008

My First Day as a Mom- alone!!

So technically I have been a mom for a month and a day, but today feels like my first day because it my first day doing this all on my own! My mom came into town the 5th of November, and stayed with Steve and I until yesterday. She took really good care of us while she was here and I feel quite spoiled by everything she did. So today is my first day as a Stay-At-Home-Mom when all the responsibility falls on me and I can no longer rely on my mom to help me out (Steve is at work and school all day). This morning before Steve left to go study he changed Simon's diaper and played with him a little bit, then gave him back to me and we went back to sleep. When I did get out of bed, at 10 this morning, (my mom would be proud normally I didn't get out of bed until closer to noon when she was here) I changed Simon again and then ventured into the living room picked out a movie and nursed him. The day was pretty uneventful around 2 Simon was napping so I decided to take a shower. I made it through the whole shower until right when I was about to get out anyways I heard Simon start crying, and by crying I mean screaming, so I told him he was okay and that I was coming, dried off, brushed my hair, threw on a robe and went and got him. More uneventfulness, and then a while ago he was being kinda fussy and I hate just putting him down when he is upset, but he wouldn't let me do anything, so I finally put him down for some tummy time, he screamed for about thirty seconds and while I was in the kitchen he stopped. Me being the paranoid mom I am and always a little nervous about SIDS had to go check on him since he was on his stomach laying down... he was asleep, thirty seconds after I layed him down he was sleeping. So cute. So now I am making a cup of noodle soup, catching up on some blogging, and wondering why one of Steve's sisters never brought over baby Zane like she was going to. Zane is Simon's cousin, Simon is ten days older than him and about twice as big! All in all today has been good. In a couple hours I have to get us ready to go to Steve's parents house for FHE, we are decorating their Christmas tree tonight, and then Steve and I are going to buy our Christmas tree and decorate it too!! Speaking of which, I told Cindy I wanted to bring something baked.. Too late now to be adventurous, I think I will just make some brownies from a box!


Leserlee said...

Glad you made it through the day. Wait until you have to make dinner and the kid was recently fed and then just wants to fuss, and all the sleep tricks in the world aren't working. Glad Simon got some tummy time. Do it at least once a day. That way he doesn't get a flat head like Abigail.

Nikki said...

Congrats on surviving! You were spoiled to have help for a month! I got it from ben for the first week and then from my mom the 2nd, but after that it's been pretty much all me! :) Sounds like your a great mommy!

dacjohns said...

Glad you survived (and Simon). Wish we lived closer so I could help more. Closer to all you girls. It is hard to be so far away from all of you. Keep pumping your breast so you always have plenty on hand. It goes quickly. (Both the milk and your breast drying up.) Just wish it came as quickly.